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Iron Ore Dressing Equipment Cannot Leave the Participation of Lubricating Oil

Any mechanical equipment cannot leave the participation of lubricating oil, especially the iron ore dressing equipment. The lubricating oil not only needs to be added in time, but also should be particular about the ways and skills when adding. If the lubricating oil is used improperly, it will bring about great harm to the entire device.

Iron Ore Dressing Equipment

The improper use of lubricating oil:

1.Use the interior lubricating oil or fail to follow the requirements to add the corresponding-brand lubricant.

2.Impurities such as water and dust are mixed in the lubricating oil.

3.The lubricating oil added is out of date.

The harms:

The improper use of lubricating oil will cause wear and tear, over temperature, noise, and vibration to the iron ore dressing equipment, or even result in serious accidents.

How to correctly use lubricating oil:

1. Make a record when to add lubricating oil, and carry out oil and liquid monitoring.

2. Change the lubricating oil in a timely manner in accordance with the specific situation.

3. Have an accurate analysis on the hidden dangers and timely cut off the source of the dangers.

4. Strictly control the water content in the lubricating oil. The water content in the lubricating oil at 0.01% can make the bearing's service life extended for two times compared with a water content of 0.04%.

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