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Which Factors Will Affect Magnetic Separation Effect?

1, If the magnetic field force is proper provided by the magnetic source of magnetic separator. We all know that when magnetic material enters into the magnetic field, the stress it suffers depends on the size of magnetic field force on this point, and the size of magnetic field force not only depends on the magnetic field intensity, but also has close relationship with the magnetic field gradient on this point. It's obviously a very stupid mistake to blindly pursue high magnetic field intensity and ignore magnetic field gradient. However, a majority of magnetic separator manufacturers in domestic didn’t take full account of the design of magnetic source, which directly leads to the low productivity of magnetic separation equipment.

Magnetic Separating Equipment

2, The feeding speed and material particle size. The feeding speed should in strict accordance with equipment's prescribed capacity. But it's a pity that the production capacity of domestic magnetic separation equipment is generally labeled on the high side. As regards material particle size, to be strict, a piece of magnetic separation machine can only direct at the materials which is distributed relatively concentrated to separate. If we use a piece of equipment to deal with materials with a big difference in particle size, it won't get a good result.

3, During the magnetic separating process, if material's motion state is conductive to the magnetic force to capture. Simply make an example, if we slowly put a block of magnetic material on the magnet, it may be caught; but if we throw it to the magnet far and away, it is likely the opposite result.

4, If the discharge way of magnetic separating equipment is reasonable. That is, after the magnetic field captures magnetic materials, if it can timely clear off in order not to affect the next capture.

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